Between Heaven and Earth

by Angelize Project

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The project appeared in 2008 under the influence of melodic death and modern electronic-combined metal. The recording has taken at about one year from 2008 to 2009. The album "Between Heaven and Earth" united a whole pleiad of talented Ural metal signers.”.


released July 1, 2009

Music composed, arranged, played, recorded, programmed and mixed by Timofey Mineyev. 1,4,8: vocals by Ekaterina Knyazkova; 2,5: vocals by Irina Marchuk; 3,9: vocals by Juri Sakhnov; 1,2,4,5,7,8: vocals by Vladimir Semenishev; 7:vocals by Dmitriy “Diamond" Sosnov; 1,4,6,7,8: keyboard solo by Boris Zhivurov. Lyrics written by Pavel Terentev, translated by Timofey Mineyev. Produced by MCA "Realm Ex Music". Artwork by Artem "Ego" Kitaev



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Angelize Project Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Once
Verse 1
We will depart once to a place
Where dreams and hopes are born
The sense is lost, it matters not
That dead and torn are bonds

With voices of leaves gone for ever
And all those words that burned the sky
Southward passing wings in heaven
Leaving everyone behind

No need for emotions
No need for ecstatic phrases
Things will come as they may

No need for preludes
And space in your wistful gaze
Shall one spring become awake

Once, by flash of inspiration
And in fervor to convey,
We will see it all, still fading
Into dances, paints…again

Verse 2
We are just the same as heaven
Neither come, and nor we die
We are just the same as heaven
Now and till the end of time

Still we are overcoming ashes
Breaking through and standing tall
When the time is passing near
And the cities ruin and fall
Track Name: Memories
Verse 1
I understand you without words
And know things, that I have seen
It doesn’t mean that something’s wrong,
It doesn’t mean I can’t repeat.

Those days have gone – We’re not so young,
And all reflections on the wall
We can’t return, the time has come
To live as lives ago…

That memories live in me
And I’m still waiting for some marvel!
To the edge of the life
Following after light
Of that come-back days.

I’m standing so happy as fool,
And I’m so wasted as fading flowers.
Emptiness of the sky
On the wings of the night
Is so real and cruel.

Verse 2
From beyond they rise in me
They’re full of colors and smells
Of long ago, but what should I think?
And why does it hurt like hell?

I wait for answer to my strange
And empty question of the being,
I want to ask, if it’s not dream,
If all these things have happened to me.
Track Name: After 2000 Years
Peering into blind and decayed heaven
The stars overhead remind me of us
Not further, not nearer they still strive for answer
In bottomless space of this winter chasm

We lose and we find, with fear and with hope
We rise and we fall, with knees to the blood
There’s something from angels of past generations
Memory, wisdom, sorrow and love

Verse 1
The snow kept falling right through us
With trains of thought and triumphs brought
But warmer lips didn’t let it last
Though thousands of years have gone

Aware of things that are to come,
The world again begins its way
One more sunset, one more sunrise
That we can’t grasp for one more day.

Another decade might already have gone
Through which one kept fooling oneself
We might have ceased, turned to stone
Under the New Star expanse

Verse 2
One second or a gesture
One movement or a sight
Will flash as all those year endured
And burning soul inside

By magnitude and measure brought
That cannot be explained in full
Nor seen or touched the way you want
But subtly felt and understood
Track Name: Back to Earth
Verse 1
On disrupted wings
Still closer to ground
Bogged down in heart piercing gale
On disrupted wings
Of careless wins
No strength for flapping is left

Verse 2
High, far too high
Over essence of fuss
Being exalted by feathered bonds
High, far too high
But now it’s too late
We have risen to desperate fall

The whole world has stopped…
Cast down like stones
To perish as featureless ghosts
The whole world has stopped…
The sense is now clear
We have risen to desperate fall

Verse 3
Ever faster and faster
We adhere to earth
Getting tangled in layers of clouds
There’re too much emotions,
Idols, ideas - far too many
But too few are words.
Track Name: Otherside
Verse 1
When evening has come
With lonely voices,
And gazes are crossing in moonlight,
Our hearts are close to stay,
And waiting for something.
We are now on the other side.

As ice and fire we burn
And everything else has gone
So is it real or just a dream?

Look, this time begins
Just for you and me,
Stop the time
And I wish that we
Forever will be.
Far away
We are far beyond the sun,
Lost in space
Among endless ways and stars.

Verse 2
But when stars ‘re awake
So cold and so distant,
We look face to face in the eyes,
And in warm embrace
At this time and instant
Our souls are so close to cry.
Track Name: Another Step (In Flames)
Verse 1
Through centuries, epochs and years we have lived
So deep are the imprints but hardly we breathe
When cast exclamations in eternity
Trying to speak of miracles seen

What will you do with your cherished freedom?
What will be there after you’re left?
Ere sunrise everything seems so clear
Awaiting for Phoebus appearance in flames

Verse 2
The bets were made, the cards were dealt
You come to the stage to play a new role
Openly voiced, all masks have been dropped
But no one can see, where is your real soul
Track Name: Between Heaven and Earth
Verse 1
Light is born in the surf of waves
There’s no beginning, there is no end
It is pure and honest as dream
Like I am! Like I am!

Verse 2
As an unfinished writing engraved
It is left on the stone-cold sand
You know I have never wanted
To remain so true to myself

At the turn of generations
Between heaven and this empty sky
The world became clearer, devoid of question
Became the same as you and I.
Track Name: Kiss
Verse 1
The city in slumber has hidden
Leaves, glasses and light
Houses, roofs and glances -
There’s no one but you in the night

No need to look for lame excuses
That roses have withered so early
“It was meant. Adieu” – so usual phrases
That killed for a moment my memory

The clock has stricken midnight
But why aren’t you asleep
I know that happens sometimes
When solitude and silence grip
In the world burned to the ground

Verse 2
Poetry turns to a commonplace
The music is almost dead
Our lips will meet in a last kiss
There is something sad bout that

Ideas are getting shallower
Talentless, sincere though
Written with children’s hands
No longer believing in love